I work on an hourly basis and charge purely

for the time I am working for a client, with no hidden extras

Email Management

As any business owner knows, tackling emails is an ongoing task that never seems to end. I can take the task off your hands to free up more time for you to do what you do best, without needing to compromise on your accessibility to clients.

Diary Management

Handling meetings, planning events and booking social engagements can become all-consuming for businesses and hardworking entrepreneurs. With my professional diary management service, you don’t have to worry about double bookings or missing an important meeting – your calendar will be taken care of.

Meeting Organisation

If you have a conference or meeting to attend away from your office, I can research the best options in terms of travel and accommodation, as well as liaise with the meeting organisers to plan out your schedule and maximise your time effectively.

Telephone Management

From responding to enquiries to making calls to venues or booking out meetings with clients, I can take care of calls for your business to free up your time. Delegate your telephone management to me and I’ll ensure that your business remains professional and quick to respond.

Confidential Correspondence

Sensitive data and confidential correspondence can be a stressful aspect of running a business, as well as taking up valuable time. I can take care of the drafting and formatting of any letters on behalf of your business with complete confidentiality and professionalism, all in keeping with GDPR regulations.

Project Management

Are you finding it difficult to juggle your job with stressful project management tasks? I have a passion for organisation – let me handle the tracking, documentation and communication tasks for the project so you can get back to your core role.

Internet Research

From exploring new products to vetting job applicants or new business contacts and even researching potential blog topics for social media content, I can help you with the laborious task of internet research.

Copy Typing

As an experienced typist, I can handle any documents, letters or reports you need written up. Whether you need me to type up handwritten notes, minutes from a meeting or create a well-worded document, I can provide a quick and efficient service.

Voicefile Transcription

If you have voice files from meetings or memo notes on your phone which you need typing up, my voice file transcription service is the perfect solution. I can transcribe the files into documents, letters, invoices or any other medium you require, so you don’t have to worry about valuable information getting lost.

Document Formatting

My clients save time by getting me to present their Reports to the high professional standards demanded by their clients.  I have been working for some time with an Expert Witness. The reports require, specifically, attention to detail, accuracy and conformity with their layout. A professional and polished report is what I provide for my client, within her time limits.

Letter Writing

Whether you need letter content produced as a one-off or on a regular basis, I can help you pen correspondences with a professional tone, so you can stay in touch with customers or suppliers without it taking precious time out of your day.


Nothing gives a bad first impression quite like an embarrassing spelling error or a grammatical mistake. Proofreading is essential to ensure your website copy, blogs or correspondences are professional and free from errors. Let me provide a fresh perspective and pick up on any errors before you send out your words into the world.

Data Entry

Spreadsheet data entry is a tedious task for so many, but I relish the challenge. All you need to do is provide me with the information – I’ll gladly take on the task of inputting and maintaining the data for you, as well as setting up an efficient spreadsheet system that works for your business.

Powerpoint Presentation

I have experience of preparing repeat Powerpoint presentations for business or for non-profit. Presentations that are sure to impress when you are preparing your message for an upcoming client meeting.

Office Manual

If you need help creating workflows for repetitive tasks, I can help you create or update your office manual as needed so that you’re always working in the most logical way. A well-documented manual will keep all employees on the same page for a more efficient team environment.

Form Completion

Every business owner knows how time consuming it can be to complete tiresome forms. I can take the burden off your hands to free up more of your day while still allowing your business to stay productive, whether it’s setting up a new service or maintaining weekly checklists for compliance.

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Contacts Database

Got a stack of business cards and customer emails that you just haven’t got around to organising? Allow me to help you create a streamlined, efficient database that you can utilise to great effect in your business so you’re never struggling to find contact details again.