Minute taking/PA presence

I have recently started working with a Charity organising and attending their Board Meetings.  This involves liaising with the Chair, collating the Agenda, attending the meeting and typing up Minutes.  I have set up all their past and present documents into a Dropbox and am doing internet research for them.      

Most members of the Board are busy full-time and I can be the other pair of eyes, ears and hands to organize their administration. They are delighted with my assistance, see below!

“Since joining us, Anne has delivered exemplary secretarial service to the Board as a whole and to individual members of the Board, including myself as Chair.   She has taken full responsibility for the management of Board meetings from pre-agenda discussion through to delivery of excellent quality Minutes.   She follows through with action points, researches areas where more clarity is required and guides the Board on matters of charity governance, based on her wide experience in this sector at a senior level.”  Barbara Johnson, Chair of Workcare  

Give me a ring if I can help your charity/business in any way on 07779 616950