How to save 10 hours per week and become more productive by hiring a Virtual Assistant

James Caan, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw and former member of Dragons’ Den, says what I truly believe about sourcing a Virtual Assistant

“Like many busy professionals, time is my most valuable asset and is certainly something I’m always chasing."

For the last 25 years, I have always had a personal assistant. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, she decided to leave. Should I simply replace her or was there an alternative out there that would achieve the same outcome?

Virtual Assistant? One of my friends introduced me to the concept of a Virtual Assistant. I instantly laughed! On reflection though, I was spending more and more time out of the office, so it made perfect sense. As someone not afraid of change I thought ‘let’s give it a go’.

It’s now been 2½ years, and my Virtual Assistant is based in Cheshire, whilst my offices are in London. I have learned that not everything requires my personal attention. She has access to my diary and emails and pretty much does the same job that my PA used to do.

A winning situation for both parties. She can work from home and can earn a living. For me, it’s more cost-effective as I don’t have the expense of a full-time salary and only pay for the hours that she works. I, therefore, get to spend my most valuable asset, my time, focusing on the core operations of my businesses. It’s a classic win-win situation!”

I couldn’t have put it better myself! Thank you, James.

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