How do you find a new client?


Last week, I was talking to a fellow networker. She said, in a discouraged voice,

“all my clients are referrals, I don’t know what to do about that.”

My first thought was – “lucky you, let’s celebrate!” 

She assumed this was a sign that her marketing wasn’t working.

Here’s why I believe it’s the exact opposite:

  • Referrals already know about the quality of your work – someone spoke highly enough about you to make them get in touch with you.
  • Referrals will be similar to your existing clients. Nice people know nice people, which means these people tend to be pre-approved from the start!
  • Referrals have had time to think about you and check out your LinkedIn profile and website. They already have a window into who you are.

A good 75% of my work comes from referrals. That means my marketing is easy, it sends me excellent clients and they don’t need to waste time getting to know me, instead they focus on the work itself. There’s no selling or pitching required. I love that!

My thanks to referrers Martyn Coton, Mike Ames, Shaun Jardine, Christine Lewis, Tom Nash for their recent help.

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