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Mutual assistance

I work for a charity who desperately needs a Treasurer.  So how do you go about finding a volunteer to fulfill the job?  I just happened to

Recognition for work well done

So how many of your clients send you thank you presents?I have just received a lovely thank you from my long time client, Fiona Dennehy

Snipping and Saving

Do you ever want to save PART of something on a website screen?This often happens in the middle of an online meeting in my experience.Instead

Working Smarter

Every business needs administration help. It goes without saying. It may be just entering data into a spreadsheet on a regular basis or all those

Updating your Skills is an ongoing process

Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself that you don’t know everything. I was recently asked to transfer a partially formatted very large document to

Attention to Detail is Imperative

I had a great “Thank you” phone call from one of my clients recently. I had spent nearly 5 hours typing up a report for