I am really seeing some improvements on my website 

I have just done an extremely useful and interesting WordPress Training course with Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.  Helping me to do a lot of refinement to my website.  I had no idea I could blog on it with Posts, and could use Plug-Ins to improve the efficacy of the site, and Change the Theme!

Just a few of the many important things I have learned during the last few months.  So “Watch this space as they say!!!”

Many thanks to

If you are into networking – look out for the next Chamber Trade Local Business Expo at

You may have seen my blog “A Client offers free training” But now there’s more to follow –

One of my clients recently offered to take me along to the 2018 NAIDEX Exhibition at the NEC ( She felt it would enhance my knowledge of what she does so that when proofing her reports, it would make more sense to me and give me more insight into what she does.

It was an amazing and, at the same time, humbling experience for me (disabled people attending and businesses displaying many different aids to help them).

But what else? – I got a certificate of Continuous Professional Development for my business portfolio.

Who could ask for more!  Everyone disabled and able-bodied got something out of the day.

Many thanks to Fiona Dennehy for her support

Have you considered what Admin help you need in your business?

Every business needs administration help.  It goes without saying.  It may be just entering data into a spreadsheet on a regular basis or formatting your professional reports, or writing up your meeting notes. 

Your time is precious, why not outsource what you don’t need to do. 

Another pair of eyes will ensure your finished products are accurate and look good.  Remember your administration is a professional window on your business!

Are you up-to-date with your knowledge of the new Data Protection laws which came in on 25 May 2018?  The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ruling is much more stringent and unfortunately, we cannot bury our heads in the sand!  A simple update from a professional administrator is just the ticket, in order to keep your business in line.

Have you got business cards that actually SELL your business?   Again, it’s an important first impression of you, gained by any potential new clients.

I can help you on so many fronts – paperwork, digital work and your business profile.

Have a think about it and work smarter going forward.  

Just give me a call 07779 616950  or email


Making sure you “Keep up-to-date”

If you are exhausted from ploughing through your receipts, and logging them onto a spreadsheet, or just don’t know what I am talking about but know you will have to be answerable to the tax man soon, ask me to lighten your load and do it for you.   It will completely relieve you of the thought, and of the action, of doing it!     What a no-brainer! 

Contact me on 07779 616950  or email

Start on January 1


Had you even thought about this?

It seems that despite what I thought, minute taking is not going out of fashion or old-fashioned.  I have been asked by more than one of my new clients “to record documentation of their meeting proceedings” or more simply “to take the minutes”.

However, at a recent meeting, when on-screen video clips came into the mix of the overall discussion, it was a bit of a different situation!  It was the first time I had had to view and follow these, and it was interesting!

Down to the details though. Minute taking is an important requirement for professional organisations. When done correctly, it ensures an accurate and precise record of significant business discussions and decisions.

So if minute taking duties are assigned to inexperienced staff members, the outcome can be disastrous. Crucial information can be omitted, essential action items muddled, basic details misinterpreted or recorded incorrectly.

Accurate minute taking ensures a firsthand account of names, dates, decisions and actions penned by a trustworthy professional sitting in the meeting room.

Confidentiality is, of course, paramount and “recording” of meetings can lead to outsourcing to unknown transcribers, often abroad.  Always engage a trusted professional service for your company.

When are minutes needed, you may ask?  Board Meetings, AGMs, Conferences, Focus Groups, Not-for-Profit Board Meetings, Research Projects, Interviews, Management Meetings, etc

On a lighter note minute taking is far from old-fashioned – but absolutely up to the “Minute”…..!


Deepen existing relationships

Instead of going to networking events with the intention of meeting new people, consider checking with some of your existing connections. Have you properly followed up with the promising contacts you have made over the past year (or maybe longer)? Have you maintained your relationships with centres of excellence and any early referrals?

Don’t forget to use your existing network to gain information and you will often find yourself creating an opportunity for someone else in that network. It’s a very rewarding “win: win” relationship.

In other words, stand still and take stock!

Are you an Expert Witness and need help?

I have experience typing and formatting documents for a professional accident investigator. Give me a ring for assistance.   07779 616950





Are Business Cards piling up on your desk!

Eventually, the pile falls over of course…..   The best way to prevent them spreading all over your desk is to transfer the details on the cards onto an excel database and save it.   

Easy…  well …. if you have the time and inclination….

This is where I come in.

Drop the business cards to me and I can transfer the details to a spreadsheet.

And with the new GDPR ruling which came in on 25 May 2018 I can help you to store your data correctly and safely.

You or I can then create newsletters that best suit your business message, with no need for expensive marketing stuff.

Give me a call 07779 616950




Finished a couple of great voluntary Project Support jobs for the Churches Conservation Trust charity, helping them with all forms of administration:  

I have been organising volunteers to go in and tidy up churchyards.  Churchyards tend to get left and not given the loving care they deserve.  In many cases, asking a farmer to allow his sheep in is the best solution!    I have also been submitting Volunteer Job Opportunities onto Coventry University website and getting in touch with local authority departments for permission to make small changes inside a church.   CCT need as many volunteers as possible to help to maintain their beautiful churches for visitors to enjoy.  Take a look at their website

 Wolfhamcote Church Warwickshire 

Just been to a great Socially Shared Network Meeting on How your Competitors can Improve your Business

If you are a small business owner, and a woman, then you should attend these networking meetings. Held in Rugby, Kenilworth, Solihull and Stratford upon Avon, they are a great confidence boost and offer huge learning opportunities, for the price of a very small fee and a cup of coffee. You don’t need to be a member to attend.

A great atmosphere and morale uplift.  Go there!!    See the website


Met some lovely business people at the Chamber Networking in Rugby last week

It’s great when you meet up with like minded people and amazingly find you have more in common than you ever thought you could have! I had a long chat with Jennie Madden from “itsallaboutcontent” and immediately we decided to meet up for coffee this week.  Synergies so often emerge from 1-2-1 discussion.  You can’t beat it!

Voluntary action for CCT

I am doing my voluntary six monthly visits to 4 Warwickshire churches which are closed for regular worship but open to visitors.  At Avon Dassett, Chadshunt, Brownsover Rugby and at Wolfhamcote.  I view inside the church to see if anything untoward has occurred with the fabric, and the outside, to ensure trees are not overgrown and boundary walls are still in tact.  It’s a mucky job when it’s been raining, and a recent storm has covered the grass and graves with branches being blown from the trees.  But its rewarding.  Churches are a place of utter peace and beauty and I always find a niche or monument I had not taken-in before. At the Spring visits, the primroses and daffodils are gorgeous to view.  I am blessed to have such an opportunity to have a peaceful day and some me time.  Visit the CCT website to see a wonderful experience near you.

“I have known Anne for a short period but during this time she has impressed me with her professionalism and dedication to the task in hand. Her network of useful contacts is impressive. She is also very efficient in her work.”
Sarah Parker, Commercial Manager, Churches Conservation Trust


Following up your leads

Have you been putting off making follow-up telephone calls?  and as a result

Do you need to get help in getting those 1-2-1 meetings in your diary?

The solution is very simple.  As your freelance administrator, I can make those calls and diary notes for you.

Get in touch and we can discuss how much support you need.  It will make your life so much easier!! 07779 616950

Keep up to date

Wow – a couple of weeks ago I had 60 emails from one of my clients, each one containing pdfs of invoices and receipts over the past year.. …. and …….. there will be lots more to come!

This now happy client has offloaded the tedious job of logging all those expenditure details onto a spreadsheet ready for her accountant at year end. What a weight off her mind!

If you are exhausted from ploughing through your receipts, ask me to work for just one hour a month, to lighten your load for next year’s tax return, and at the end of the day – it will keep your costs down!

Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Understand the areas where you are strong, and continue to refine those useful skills – of course you must.

But be honest with yourself about struggling with filing, and admit you need to find yourself someone who can pick this up for you and deal with it.

A virtual pa like myself can easily take this stressful job away from you and lift the heavy weight off your shoulders!

Piles of paper 700 x 400

I just had to learn Chinese!! scr_chinese-language-263x300

When I worked as a PA for a Director at a large engineering institution, I realised I was regularly needing to have telephone, skype and conference calls with the China office in Beijing. I decided I would have to learn Chinese, or rather Mandarin. But no, the first time I spoke to Yan I was relieved to hear she spoke as good English as myself. What a relief – English language wins again!!





Have you thought about PA cover while you are on holiday this summer?

Don’t lie on the beach feeling “all at sea…..”  Relax and enjoy your holiday knowing you have a competent VA to handle your work.