Attention to Detail is Imperative

I had a great “Thank you” phone call from one of my clients recently.  I had spent nearly 5 hours typing up a report for her, paying attention to detail (as I would always do, of course!) and going the extra mile for her.

My day was spent formatting a 22-page report  (over 6,000 words) which included tables and figures, a cover page and appendices.  She welcomes me re-wording a sentence and will often actually asks me to re-write. The client’s reports are written for solicitors and for use in Court, so they have to be as accurate as possible, with numbered paragraphs.  Therefore, once the report is completed, it must be saved as a pdf for electronic transmission.

Her appreciation was extremely welcome.  It completed the project for me and it was also satisfying to know that my client was pleased and happy with what I had done!

Many thanks to her for her thanks to me!

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