My job, as a Virtual Assistant, is supporting small organizations by completing their everyday administration.
They can then spend their time doing what they are good at, which is "getting on with growing their business".

With over 30 years' experience as a full-time office-based PA, latterly at International Director level, I have now been working as a VA from home for over 4 years.

Well, let's get down to business. What help might you need?

Letters written from your notes
Placing all those business cards onto a database for:
- Mailings to current customers
- Mailings to prospective customers 

Typing up your voice files
Typing your reports
Formatting your drafted reports
Entering data on your spreadsheets
Help you at meetings - preparation before and assistance at an event
Preparing powerpoint presentations for those meetings with potential clients
Doing some internet research or data mining 

If you need help on a one-off basis, that's fine.
If you need help for a short-term project, that's fine.
If we need to set aside ongoing regular weekly time blocks, this is fine.
You can pay hourly for what time you require of me, when you need it, and overcome those expensive extras of hiring full-time staff, dealing with sick pay, holiday cover, renting office space, and all the other overheads .....

To give you some idea of who I am working with, I am currently doing admin for:
- an Expert Witness, adding the professional touch to her report formatting, so they are ready for Court;
- an Accountancy broker, setting up presentations for business buyers;
- a Charity, attending their Board meetings, taking minutes and offering additional admin support and internet research, as and when needed;
- a Children's Nursery

But please take a look at my wide range of other services.

If you know you need administrative help, but unsure where to go, please contact me to discuss how I can help you to organize your business.
I have been doing it for years!

Just give me a call 07779 616950  or email me at